Selected Clips: 

Politics, money and influence:

How The Richest U.S. Colleges Get Richer Through Huge Tax Subsidies (Newsweek – w/ David Sirota)

Texas Chemical Plant That Caught Fire After Hurricane Harvey: How Republicans Helped It Delay New Safety Rules (Newsweek – as part of IBT investigative team).

Trump’s Pick For Drug Czar Hauled In Thousands Of Dollars From Drug Distributors He Wrote Bill To Protect (International Business Times – NOTE: I wrote this story six months before a WaPo/60 Minutes investigation covered the exact same thing). 

The Koch Brothers Want A New Constitution — And They’re Closer Than You Think (IBT) 

Will Hedge Fund Millionaires Flea South If They Face Higher Taxes? Wall Street Fights Move To Close Loophole (IBT)

Amid Russia Controversy In Trump White House, Major Energy Companies Lobbied On Russia-Focused Bills (IBT)

How Republicans Protect Anonymous Donors And Their ‘Dark Money’ Groups (IBT)

Did Gov. Susana Martinez Break SEC Rules In New Mexico Pension Deals? (IBT – w/David Sirota and MapLight)

Corporate Lobbying By ExxonMobil Could Be Exposed At Annual Shareholders Meeting (IBT)

Bernie Sanders vs. Billionaires In LA School Board Race That Highlights Education Policy Battles (IBT)

Why Is This Mega-Donor Spending Millions To Defeat Tammy Baldwin? (IBT)

Vance Donations Review Has Ties To Investigators Hired By Weinstein (IBT)

DeVos Has Continued To Invest Millions Into Company Claiming To Treat ADHD, Autism (IBT)

Democratic Governors’ Fundraising Trails Republicans, Except When It Comes To Big Pharma (IBT)

How Gary Cohn Could Sell U.S. Infrastructure To Goldman Sachs (IBT)

Trump And Kobach’s Voter Fraud Panel Releases Brutal Responses From The Public (IBT)

The Supreme Court Case That Let Clinton Hijack Party Fundraising (IBT)

Texas Chemical Plant Company Has Industry Ally Writing Rules At The EPA (IBT)

Inside ALEC And The Corporate Push For A Constitutional Convention (IBT)


At 6 feet 1, He’s Raising the Art of the Dunk to Another Level (New York Times)

I Was the Worst High School Quarterback Ever (Slate, also posted on

Rule Breakers: What the Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” has in common with the last Patriots championship team (Slate)

Inside Pedro’s Brain (Slate)

The Greatest Reality Show Is About NFL Training Camp (New York Observer)

Can Weed Protect Your Brain (And Save Football)? (New York Observer)


There Will Soon Be Zero Bookstores In the Bronx (Gothamist)

Software Boot Camps Are Getting Easier to Pay For (Money)

Sip Wine In Hammocks At The World’s First Rooftop Vineyard (New York Observer)

A Guide To NYC’s Sensory Deprivation Tanks (Gothamist) 

Big Financial Trouble Under The Big Top (New York Observer)

Culture, economics and history:

A Brief History Of The Traffic Stop (Or How The Car Created The Police State) (New York Observer)

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy On The Cookbook He Wrote For The Incarcerated (Gothamist)

A Rising Number Of Muslims Suffer From PTSD (Post-Trump Stress Disorder) (New York Observer) NOTE: I did not choose this headline. 

What You Need To Know About Ending Poverty From Someone Who Overcame It (New York Observer)

Author And Trump Fan F.H. Buckley Touts ‘Socialist Ends By Capitalist Means’ (New York Observer)

Local politics:

De Blasio Announces Reforms Following ‘Unacceptable’ Death Of Zymere Perkins (Gothamist)

De Blasio’s Deputy Mayor Admits LES Rivington House Deal Was A Failure (Gothamist)

‘Makes No Sense!’ UWS Residents Protest Against Proposed School Rezoning (Gothamist)